Each year more than half of the population in the US spends hundreds of dollars for the treatment of spine and back problems. As a species we are becoming more dysfunctional with the passage of time and facing disorders that cause serious hindrance in our lives. Sciatica is nerve compression issue that has disturbed the lives of hundreds of people and it can occur at any time. As our spine is designed to stay in neutral position at all times, anything that forces it stay out of its original placement can have server effects on the overall body. Sciatic nerves are some of the longest vessels that run through our body and they connect our lower spines with the rest of our legs.

As we tend to get old, the skeletal muscles that are responsible to keep the entire bones structure intact tend to become weak. This not only results in sudden weakness in the muscles but can also expose our delicate joints to serious damage. Hernia can also be a cause of this nerve disorder which might make a spinal disc to protrude more than its original position. If lying down on the couch has become unbearable for you due to sharp pain and you are looking for a reliable chiropractor then make sure to check out the webpage of Inner Vitality. If a particular nerve in the motor muscles region of your body has been compressed for long period of time this can also cause sprain in the sciatic nerves. Old patients who suffer from arthritis also have higher chances of getting this problem as loss of calcium in the bones can increase the space between each vertebra. The root of the sciatic nerve can get damaged which can lead to excruciating pain.