If you do not know anything about DNS proxy then we would suggest that you search up a bit about Smart DNS proxy and you would be able to gather a lot of information on the topic. There are other ways that you can get access to American TV but most of them are complicated for a novice which is why we always recommend to our readers to use Smart DNS proxy, especially to those readers who have been searching how to get American TV channels in Canada. Many people feel that it is better to use VPN to gain access to blocked but we would advise you against because the cons outweigh its pros but Smart DNS proxy would allow you to stream material of American TV and if that it is not enough for you, let us look at some more benefits of using it.

Speedy Re-Routing

In comparison to VPN, there is no doubt that Smart DNS proxy is speedier and you would be able to work better with it because the Smart DNS proxy only needs to re-route some particular details about your geographical location but a VPN re-routes a lot more which is why it loses a lot more speed which is always a drawback and that is why it is recommended to go for Smart DNS proxy rather than any other option that you might see available.

User Friendly

If you wish to watch your favorite American shows like Stranger Things, Sense 8 or a movie that you love like Avengers: Infinity War then you should immediately set up a Smart DNS proxy and you would have no problem doing that as it gets installed without any trouble and you can use it on any device of your choice.