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If you have visited Instagram or searched #yoga on any social channel in the last year, odds are you have seen a yogi with his or her yoga wheel. A plexus wheel review is a new and trendy yoga prop. This circular-shaped yoga prop helps open up your chest (and heart) and stretch the entire front side of your body, from your hips through your shoulders. Yoga wheels are there to assist you in more challenging and advanced yoga poses, such as backbends and forearm balances. Yoga wheels also massage and deeply roll-out your spine in a safe manner.

The marketplace for yoga wheels is a fairly new one, and there are just a few key players in the game. SukhaMat first entered the market with their ultra-plush 10mm knee pads, and soon expanded to yoga towels and mats, all under the slogan “Practice in comfort.” Translated, “Sukha” means “ease” or “enjoyment.”