Each day of the festival begins with yoga and meditation in the morning. This enables us to experience our bodies and consciousness and helps us to focus collectively. Afterwards, keynote presentations held by progressive thinkers inspire us with new approaches and concepts. In workshops (on topics such as reform of the education system, female leadership, and refugees), we develop and discuss ideas to directly apply new approaches. This focused, productive atmosphere propels visitors into the evening and the night. At concerts and parties, the thoughts and experiences we have collected throughout the day resonate, culminating in a celebration of the new we.

It’s not about having all the answers, but instead about encouraging all kinds of questions and allowing different points of view. It’s not about esoterics, cults und gurus, but modern, reflected spiritual practices. There is more to it than just legs, bums and tums yoga, it is a journey of self-discovery. Our goal is to create a mindset marked by openness, awareness and passion. We want to be able to take ourselves just as seriously as the people and issues in our environment. Transformation begins in the individual, but at a certain point, progress is only possible if we connect. For instance at FOREVER NOW.

The FOREVER NOW FESTIVAL was conceived as a transformational journey. The concept of the festival is based, among others things, on Theory U as postulated by organization researcher Otto Scharmer. Scharmer has a more holistic vision of transformation processes and combines the influential management theory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with ideas and concepts of Buddhism and Yoga.

Our approach and the entire inner logic of the festival with all its facets is defined mainly by five steps and phases:

  • Starting the Journey (Donnerstag)
  • Exploring the Outside World (Freitag)
  • Exploring the Inner World (Samstag)
  • Enacting the Emerging Future (Sonntag)
  • Coming Home and Continuing the Journey