Have you ever felt like most people just run through life keeping up appearances and not really doing anything for themselves? If you confront most people about why they aren’t as expressive as they would like to be, they’d either say that you’re crazy or that they just don’t want to be seen as crazy, themselves. It’s a shame isn’t it? People are so afraid of being judged hat they just have to conform to what’s seen as ‘normal’ by society – how boring.

The sad part is that no everyone will see the world the way you do, but those who do will be pretty easy to spot because they aren’t afraid to express themselves. It’s easy to drown in the norms of society, which is why you should dare to be different when you can, if you’re an artist, you shouldn’t be afraid to dress the part and by that we don’t mean that you should head out carrying a palette with a paintbrush tucked behind your ear all the time – we mean that you shouldn’t worry about wearing something eccentric and colourful.

Boho hippie clothing is for those of us who want to yell ‘Hey look at me, I’m creative, what are you?’ to the world, it’s for the eccentrics, the hippies and the misfits among us. However, you don’t necessarily need to be a part of that subculture to wear colourful clothes that represent art and freedom (it won’t be freedom that way, right?). You can head over to https://www.bohemianbazaar.co/boho-hippie-clothing/ to see the greatest selection of Boho and Hippie clothing anywhere. This is a fashion niche with a staggering amount of variety; you’ll get so many dresses, tops, skirts, robes, tights and even jumpsuits that it’s hard to pick out only one thing.