Neue Heimat Berlin,
September 3–6, 2015

We Are Celebrating

Experience 4 days of adventure, inspiration and joy

Connect to your own as well as our collective potential, through the array of skillful experts and inspiring artists participating. Together we will celebrate transformation and lay a beautiful foundation for the future we all wish for. We very much look forward to you being present – Forever Now.

Choose from our program and put together your own individual journey – or go with our suggested routes

Route 1: Experience your body

Learn to perceive your body consciously in order to move attentively, flowingly and freely.

• Yoga classes & workshops with Suzanne Sterling, Dylan Werner, Yogeswari, Dr. Patrick Broome, Patricia Thielemann, Christina Lobe and others

• Movement & body work, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, mindful movement and more

Route 2: Inspire your mind

Your mind explores new ways of thinking, unusual perspectives and empowering depictions of the future

• Keynotes & talks with Annette Kaiser (exploring the inner world), Christian Felber (economy of the common good), Mallence Bart Williams (female leadership), Frederic Laloux (Re-Inventing Organisations) and others

• Interactive workshops (social transformation, futurology, cradle-to-cradle amoung others.)

• Demonstration of succeeding transformational projects

Route 3: Explore your soul

Realize your full potential and understand what is in your heart – on your own and with others

• Concerts & DJ-Sets by Fatima & The Eglo Band, Patrice, Käptn Peng, Taksim Trio, Munk, Tangowerk, DJ Ipek, DJ Daniel Wang and others

• Learn how to release your personal and your collaborative potential in a series of workshops (about authentic relating, collective intelligence, female leadership and others)

• Meditate in order to detach from your stream of consciousness to open up to a new experience of the relationship between you and the outer world