According to statistics, the average person spends over 9 hours sitting in front of their laptop or PC a week. However, if you are an office worker, your average hours is much higher, the same case also applies if you are a gamer. Professional gamers in fact can end up spending more than 9 hours in a single day in front of their PC.

However, we all know and understand how spending so many hours sitting is bad for our health, especially gamers who are prone to a lot of health concerns, especially back problems. One way you can avoid all of this or at least minimize the chances of this happening, is to simply get a good gaming chair for yourself. If you do not really know how to go about choosing one for yourself, we have assembled a few pointers for you to keep in mind.

  • You need to make sure that the size and dimensions of your gaming chair go with your gaming space. If you buy too big of a gaming chair, it will end up taking up your entire space and crowd the area. While a lot of gaming chairs are foldable, you should still keep the size and dimensions in mind.
  • The quality of your gaming chair should be top priority. You want a gaming chair that is durable and made out of the right materials that ensure that. Be it the material of the base, the fabric etc. it should all be durable and long lasting.
  • The entire purpose of a gaming chair is to provide you support and comfort, and if it is not able to do that, then it is inherently useless. So, give special focus to the comfort and adjustability factor before anything else. For more information, you can check out