“Fear cuts deeper than sword”, this is the one quote that I have heard time and again every time someone would mention. However, what exactly is fear? Well, the best way to make that thing clear is that no two people can actually give you the same answer. That is because fear is something that happens to be completely subjective, and in many cases, abstract as well.

However, the important part we need to understand that no one in this world has immunity against fear – it is something that is found in all of us, but in one way or another. Keeping that in mind, Buddha has left us a lot of wisdom, and one of many parts of wisdom taught by Buddha is on fear itself. So what has Buddha taught us about wisdom? According to Buddha, at the core, every being suffers from a state of anxiety, the anxiety grows based on our habit of resisting Anicca or Anitya, that is also known as impermanence of our existence.

Even if we take the Buddhist teaching in account, there are a lot of ways through which we can offer fearlessness to others. However, in order to conquer the fear itself, we need to understand it first. Just like in order to solve a problem, we must acknowledge the existence of that problem in the first place. There are several interpretations to fear; some teachings tell that fear is nothing more than an unwholesome state of infatuation. There are more definitions that manage to go down to the core and tell us that fear is something that we don’t want to happen in the future, or it is our ability to linger on the events that have taken place in the past life.

Fear can also be considered the mind’s attempt to control the negative results. Similarly, Buddhism has taught us a lot when it comes to fighting the fear itself. The one thing that has been emphasized time and again is that in order to eliminate the fear from its roots, we can’t simply deny the existence of fear as a whole. As a matter of fact, we have to face the fear, and understand that it exists. We have to overcome all the reasons that are behind the fear, and make sure that whatever delusions that are on our mind are taken care of as well.

Keeping all of this in mind, the simplest way to stop fear from taking control over your mind is making sure that the fear itself does not start taking control over you. Find the root cause of fear, and then eliminate it from that state. It is not all that difficult to begin with, but the good thing is that It works in majority of the cases. The reason n I am saying this is because people deal with fear differently, and you will never find 2 people who have the same method of overcoming fear, because that is how the human mind works.