There can be so many things that can block a drain if they end up getting flushed into one. Think about all the junk we throw away every day and how much of it actually ends up being disposed properly; there’s a very real chance that whatever doesn’t end up in the dumpster will end up being washed down into a drain somewhere and if enough junk gets washed into a drain, it will start to clog.

Naturally, drain passages are designed to be wide enough to let junk flow down with waste water since it’s inevitable that there will be junk thrown down a drain at some point or the other. However, drains can only handle so much junk at a time and if there’s too much junk being flushed down into drains, blockages form and these need to be broken down using drain jetting techniques. Here’s a list of some of the things that eventually block drains.


With all the dishwashing that we do in our houses, it’s no surprise that they remove tons of fat from drains each year. Fat can harden and become a serious blockage in drains but in most cases, it’s not just the fat the blocks drains since a lot of dirt and debris gets caught in it.

Leaves And Plant Matter

It’s inevitable that leaves will be washed down a drain at some point or the other; however, plant matter can start to rot and collect in heaps once inside a drain. This kind of a blockage is easily broken down by drain jetting but it’s a blockage nonetheless.

Plastic Waste

Plastic truly I the bane of this planet; it doesn’t break down and it collects pretty fast at the rate we use it. If there’s plastic down your drain then it has to be removed.