This article is aimed at helping people who have ever made an invention of created a new product of any type keep their intellectual property safe. Whether you want to use it for yourself and not make it commercial, or if you plan on getting it mass produced for profit, it will be quite easy for people to steal your design or your idea and then change it slightly to benefit themselves. To protect yourself from losing the rights you have over what you have created, you should get yourself a patent. We will further discuss some of the benefits that a patent can bring you. If you want to apply for a patent then you can simply go to the Incubate IP website and find out how to go about getting that done.

The first major benefit you get is that no one can legally copy your idea or design to make anything by themselves. This means that any person who wanted to use your idea or product to profit but does not want to include you can do so easily just take your concept and copy it to sell under a different name. With a patent you can stop that happening legally as you will own the rights to such a product being made at all. Any other person who wants to do anything similar will need to take your permission and pay you a certain amount before being allowed to go ahead with it.

It also helps you increase your importance in the market as an inventor or creator. When you are known to have patents for wanted items, more people will want to work with you and investors and other companies will approach you to be able to work with you and your products on other things.