When you play basketball, the system you play on is very important. Without a proper system you will be limited by the level of equipment you are playing on. Plus low level systems break apart easily and are not as useful for as long as a good system is. You will want a system to work on that stays around for a long time. Also there is a huge difference between starting level systems and advanced systems. Advanced systems can help you train your skills better, while beginner level systems start by making things easy enough for you to practice your basic skills.

A good system will also let you adjust its features so that over time you can become better by making it more difficult. Finally there is usually an issue with some systems not giving you a professional grade experience, which is something a good in ground system will be able to give you. In this article we will talk about a system that is the number one spot on the Ballers Republic list of best basketball systems and hoops, and why you should think about getting it.

The number one spot is taken by the Ryval C660 Basketball hoop. This is a professional grade basketball hoop and system that can take anything you throw at it. This basketball system uses a 60 inch wide surface for its back board. This is a professional NBA standard board and can help those of you looking to bring their skills up to a professional level, as the play style with it will be the same, and so are its general specifications. Aside from just that, this is a in ground system that is good for generations. The superior protection plus the adjustable height means it can be used for years.